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“You are awesome! All of the cleaners have done an amazing job! It makes such a difference to walk into a clean shop each week!”

Keli J. Farrand
(Salon 828)

An Office Cleaning Crew takes care of all the Important Cleaning Tasks That Create a Tidy Office Environment.

The employees in a clean, tidy office work more efficiently than they would in a messy way of environment. Also, potential clients who visit a clean office leave with a favorable impression of the place & allows the employees of an office to concentrate on their work.

Some offices assign cleaning tasks to employees and that takes away from productive time spent doing work and with the clients.

Office Cleaning Package

Provide the clean office you & your employees deserve at a low cost.

  • Daily Routine Cleaning
  • Reception, Offices & Stairwells
  • Kitchens, Canteens & Washrooms
  • Periodical Deep Cleans
  • Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Internal Glazing

Office Cleaning Services Benefits

Looking for a company which has the right cleaning staff, equipment and supplies to keep your individual office or an entire office building looking as clean as possible, but also has the resources, dedicated crews, committed janitorial staff and most importantly the know-how to tackle the cleaning job?

Our office cleaning professionals can clean any size job from small executive suites all the way up to commercial buildings. We clean all sorts of facilities financial institutions, professional buildings, medical offices and much more. At Delco Cleaners we strive to be a positive part of your bottom line.

We can prepare a customized cleaning maintenance schedule to best suit your business needs and budget the end result being a cleaner, healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. We offer weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual contracts.